the reviews are in

well, the band is back in town and the glowing reviews are deservedly pouring in for the oregon symphony’s carnegie hall debut last week.  wanna check out all the post-concert analysis?  look no further than *here.  but jeez, c’mon… newsprint, blog posts, tweets, website pages, alex ross’ thought bubbles… who’s got time to peruse all this stuff? (especially when they’re peppered with fancy-pants words like “careful pacing,” “orchestral textures,” and “characteristic acuity.”)  we here at the classical beaver home office realize your time is precious, so here’s our condensed single-sentence review of the carnegie performance, carefully and economically crafted for your consideration: the band was fucking brilliant.  and no one has any reason to be surprised.  sure, the house that andy built had unbelievably kick-ass acoustics, and yep, this was the symphony’s big apple debut, and okay, the concert was nationally broadcast ~ but looking into this season’s rearview mirror, thursday night’s gig was just the latest phenomenal performance in a long, long line of triumphs.  mendelssohn’s fifth symphony back in october?  fucking brilliant.  mahler 10 back in november?  fucking brilliantslonimsky’s earbox back in december?  fucking brilliant.  dalbavie’s color back in january?  fucking brilliant.  nielsen #6 back in february?  fucking brilliantla mer back in march?  fucking brilliant.  beethoven’s third last month?  fucking brilliant.  p-town’s hometown heroes may have been the toast of nyc last week, but now the guys and gals of the oso are back in pdx for their final concerts of the season this weekend.  the beaver ain’t askin’ you, it’s tellin’ you for your own good: be there for the band’s post-carnegie victory lap at the schnitz.  all signs indicate the show is gonna be… um… quite enjoyable (to say the very least).


1 Response to “the reviews are in”

  1. 1 pdxvla May 16, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Perhaps the 2011-2012 Season tagline should be: The Oregon Symphony: Fucking Brilliant.

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