barge right in, why don’tcha

today is my day in brooklyn.  this is my fifth visit to new york city, and from the moment i clicked the purchase tickets now button on delta airlines’ website, i vowed to (finally) leave the isle of manhattan for at least one day.  and what better borough to visit than the pdx of the east coast?  dipping into williamsburg for a pint at brooklyn brewery is high on my itinerary, as well as soaking up some walt whitman pilgrimage sites sprinkled around town.  tonight, i’m totes stoked about checking out this classical piano recital at a venue called *bargemusic.  when i read online that *olga vinokur was going to play works by samuel barber, aaron jay kernis, and william bolcom (among others), i knew this concert was going to perfectly cap off my brooklyn holiday.  intrepid readers might remember that the oregon symphony played *william bolcom’s violin concerto earlier this season (with ben schmid on fiddle), so i decided to track down ms. vinokur and asked her to say a few words about this composer and about playing on a frackin’ barge: 

I’m a regular performer with Bargemusic and play there very often.  It is a very unique and beautiful venue – a floating barge at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge with a beautiful view and dramatic backdrop of the East River and lower Manhattan skyline.  I love performing at Bargemusic.  My program of contemporary music will include a couple of pieces by Bolcom together with pieces by other composers. I’ll play a Recitative from his Etudes [btw, this is what bolcom won the pulitzer prize for! –cb] and one of his Rags called Old Adam.  As you can imagine the Rag is very easy to listen to since it is influenced by Ragtime, and this you can say about most of his Rags.  Regarding the other piece it has more contemporary language but in comparison to his other Etudes again it is more melodic sounding with some dissonant harmonies and unconventional approach to piano playing.  I like Bolcom as a composer; I think he is very creative and experimental with lots of personality.  Looking forward to meeting you at my concert.  My best regards, Olga

needless to say, the beave sends a very big thank you out to ms. vinokur for the wonderful response ~ spasiba!


1 Response to “barge right in, why don’tcha”

  1. 1 Carl May 11, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Hmmm…I think the BargeMusic might work well in Portland.

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