nancy’s thumbs

back in the day, the beaver relied heavily on siskel & ebert’s opposable thumbs.  now, my primary source for movie-viewing suggestions is the principal cellist for the oregon symphony.  soylent green?  check.  when *nancy ives mentioned the scene where Beethoven #6 serves as the soundtrack for an assisted suicide, i knew i (finally) had to see this movie.  while the king’s speech still holds the award for best use of Ludwig in a motion picture, soylent green was better than i had anticipated, and not just for its use of the pastoral symphony.  thumbs up for the brilliant cinematography, lighting, and of course, edward g. robinson’s quite moving final performance.  while i won’t give an outright thumbs down to the sometimes hokey special effects and the not-so-subtle objectification of women, it’s best to be mentally prepared for some serious cheese.  and speaking of fromage, i’m still thinking about chuck heston’s outrageous overacting (he kinda makes william shatner look respectable).  the fact that this somewhat creepy über-man was a major box-office draw the year i was born explains a lot about my childhood.  at least a new drinking game was developed: everytime mr. heston dramatically put on or took off this ridiculous neck scarf, bottoms up.  sure was glad i didn’t have to work the next day.  thanks nancy!


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