2 cents from the beaver (aka “the anti-stabler”)

sometimes i think if david stabler won the megabucks jackpot, he’d complain about having to drive all the way down to salem to pick up that oversized check.  just sayin’.  anywho… as opposed to the journalistic standards of the oregonian, we here at the classical beaver investigative bureau believe in quotation, not speculation.  when michael francis stepped in as guest conductor in february, the beave had a chance to ask the last-minute maestro which piece was the most difficult to conduct.  he responded: “The Schubert should have been the hardest as it is such a transparent and elegant piece… It was clear to me from the first run-through that the musicians have a highly-refined sense of classical style and proportion, and I must greatly commend the work that Carlos Kalmar has done here.  It allowed us to move beyond merely developing ‘style’ into the far more exciting area of spontaneous chamber music.”  if you wanna check out all of maestro francis’ absolutely fabulous responses, click here to delve into the cb archives.  come to think of it, perhaps mr. stabler is just a teensy bit frustrated after finding out the classical beaver scored the most unbelievable interview of the symphony season.  and when i say unbelievable, i mean unbelievable.  check in monday morning!


2 Responses to “2 cents from the beaver (aka “the anti-stabler”)”

  1. 1 Eva March 26, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Sorry but I am afraid that your interview, which I am eager to read, is not responsible with Stabler’s hang up. AS far as I can recall it dates as far back as his front page headline when the flutist fought her termination. At least that is when I became aware of it.

  2. 2 Dan Rasay March 27, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Unbelievable??? The beaver has chatted with Carlos, Jun, Elaine & M. Francis (aka The Anti-Carlos)… wondering who is next.

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