spring break giveaway – penultimate day!

c’mon, Ludwig is the man, and we all know it.  i’ve got a copy of this sweet little bio by martin geck entitled (appropriately enough): Beethoven.  it sorta reminds me of our brilliant viola section… compact, colorful, and full of might.  re-gifted tuning forks, rusty ear trumpets, clay death masks, paintings of prince franz joseph max von lobkowitz – it’s all here!  and as a bonus gift, the beave is gonna throw in a pound of symphony blend coffee beans from badbeard’s (founded by artisan-roaster-slash-cellist justin kagan).  as the kids say, woot woot.  be the first to email the phrase beavers love Ludwig to brian@brianhoray.com, and the book and beans are all yours.  remember, if you’re reading this, you’re eligible.  best of luck!

ps – congrats to maarit, who not only scored the moonstruck truffles yesterday, but also became the newest member of all classical’s family.  89.9 forever, baby!


3 Responses to “spring break giveaway – penultimate day!”

  1. 1 Portia March 24, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Ha! Penultimate!

  2. 2 Dan Rasay March 24, 2011 at 10:55 am

    maarit wasn’t already an allclassial member?!? welcome!

    hey beave – did you see the Stabler/Oregonian piece about the “anti-Carlos”?

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