off with their ties! – part II

a 19-year-old kid writes his fifth symphony in the fall of 1816.  the composer’s name?  franz schubert.  turns out mr. schubert will not live to see his 32nd birthday, and that is quite unfortunate because to my ears, this piece of music easily brings together mozart’s precision and Beethoven’s playfulness to create something perfectly wonderful.  what music would herr schubert have created in 1865?  we’ll never know.  during a pre-concert chat, cellist marilyn deoliveira seemed genuinely stoked about getting to perform this symphony for the first time, rightly describing the first half of the concert program as “sparse, easy, light, and simple.”  no disagreement from the beaver.  last-minute maestro francis (who i suspect could dress up as schubert for halloween if he swore off a haircut for a few months) retook the reigns of a seriously stripped-down band (what, no timpani?!) and dove into the opening movement… a sustained, youthful, and optimistic joy quickly bubbled up and simply refused to leave.  the prolific mr. schubert composed over 600 songs in his lifetime, and there are several super-sweet hooks just within the first few minutes of this symphony.  just when one thinks these tunes couldn’t get anymore perfect, alicia d-to-the-d-to-the-paulsen, equipped only with her magic flute, created these beautifully melodic waterfalls that repeatedly cascaded over the main theme.  from first note to last, it’s the kind of music that makes me proud to be a human being.


1 Response to “off with their ties! – part II”

  1. 1 Alicia March 3, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    You are lovely 🙂

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