i don’t have any reasons, i left them all behind

although hubbie logan and i have been immersed in stable domestic bliss for quite some time now, our relationship began with an extended long-distance courtship.  every weekend, without fail, one of us would speed for 2½ hours along a particularly un-beautiful stretch of interstate 71 in order to spend weekends together.  even after a year of this bi-weekly mind-numbing ritual, however, i still found myself happily hopping into my lil’ geo metro every other friday afternoon, turning the ignition key with a smile, and thinking to myself: i am so in love with this man.


before heading off to work last week, i half-heartedly decided to check out the airline flights one last time.  surprisingly, the prices had actually dropped… and the arrival/departure times were perfect.  realizing this was a fleeting opportunity, i found myself happily whipping out my visa card, clicking the “purchase tickets now” button with a smile, and thinking to myself: i am so in love with this band.


the oregon symphony is playing carnegie hall in may.  the classical beaver will be in attendance.  that is all (for now).


2 Responses to “i don’t have any reasons, i left them all behind”

  1. 1 Katharine Quince February 7, 2011 at 9:21 am

    The beave is getting all romatical just before Valentine’s Day. So sweet!

  2. 2 Jordan (The Neo-classical Tapir) February 8, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Hopefully I catch you while you’re still in a good mood: please bring me back a Papaya Dog. Ok, thanks.
    – Tapir

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