what’s on tap?

a few years ago through the magic of craigslist, i stumbled upon an accidental thrill (and no, it had nothing to do with the “casual encounters” section, you dirty birdie).  this simple delight was thoroughly based in pure, grade-a schadenfreude and played out something like this: “hello?  you’re calling about that fantastic futon i posted on craigslist?  oh, i just sold it about an hour ago.”  i’d wait to hear their disappointed reply before hanging up, then go on with my day, all the while secretly hoping that someone else would call about the futon so i could do it all over again.  similarly, i am (too much) looking forward to the next few days as people invariably inquire about my weekend plans, so i can tell them: “oh, let’s see… i’m going to hear yo-yo ma play with the oregon symphony sunday night.  what about you?”  luckily, some folks will even express a desire to attend the concert – that’s when i get to inform them this one-night-only, not-to-be-missed, musical love-fest has been sold out since april when us mean ol’ season subscribers swooped in and bought up all the tix before they even went on sale to the general public.  and as if things couldn’t get any sweeter, mr. ma will be performing a cello concerto written by 20th-century soviet mastermind dmitri shostakovich.  not only that, the program includes one of aaron copland’s takes on “simple gifts” – a work i consider a gateway drug in the world of classical music [and, btw, also the tune that yo-yo performed during obama’s amazing inauguration].  and as if you weren’t drooling already, the concert is opening up with a composition by john adams [think philip glass meets tom & jerry].  okay, enough gloating in one post.  so, what are you up to this weekend?


1 Response to “what’s on tap?”

  1. 1 arthur bispo December 3, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    funny you mention craigslist along with yo yo ma maybe in a freudian subcontext i did go on there and got a ticket this week so ill be at the concert on sunday pretty high up seat pretty high up price oh well

    note that i took your writing style of no capitalization a step further here by also getting rid of the punctuation next up would be eliminating articles like the and a and then the prepositions etc i think we are on to something but sorry cant do emoticons either


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