the first annual international stephen hough appreciation week: day 2!

to celebrate mr. hough’s arrival to pdx, we here at the cb home office are celebrating day #2 of the first annual international stephen hough appreciation week.  once again, we don our “wwshd?” plastic bracelets, and with a solemn flick of my bic, we light the blue candle which honors the man as blogger.  that’s right, mr. hough is not only one of the most-sought-after piano players on the planet, for the past two years he’s also served as chief cultural blogger for london’s telegraph news.  recent wanderings of his blog included the phrases “a veritable orgy of hat-smashing,” as well as “their great dug-out holes yawning into the belly of the city all year round,” and “until we get rid of cars there’s nowhere public safe to cycle.”  as if that sweet writing wasn’t enough, he also posted an amazing youtube video of hitler the orator.  quite simply, he is an inspiration to bloggers everywhere, and the classical beaver lifts up its waffle-paddle tail in salute.

to check out stephen’s kick-ass blog, please feel free to click here.

speaking of blogging, i suppose some thoughts on yesterday’s show are in order… one of the unsung charms of just about every classical concert is carlos’ inventively nerdy programming – case in point, the mozart symphony featured last night is missing a traditional minuet third movement, so maestro kalmar opens up the concert with a minuet by maurice ravel.  i suppose that makes me a nerd as well for getting excited about it.  btw, the mozart symphony we’re talkin’ about here is the very forward-thinking numero-tres-ocho, which the strings (more than ably led by concertmaster peter) knocked out of the park in fine and precise fashion.  during the second half’s performance i evidently must have had some kind of acid flashback, cuz i swear to god i saw a trio of trash-talking shakespearian actors suddenly barge onto the stage.  seriously, i’m not making this shit up… the music stops and these guys come out lobbing insults at each other: huge hill of flesh! bed-presser! bull’s pizzle! vile standing-tuck! roasted manningtree ox with the pudding in his belly!  my only complaint was that the thespian playing prince hal should have been wearing tights.  all in all: trippy dude, real trippy.


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