omg, it’s here: the first annual international stephen hough appreciation week!

musician, composer, theologian, writer, teacher, macarthur fellow, poet, sweet-tooth connoisseur… stephen hough is clearly the quintessential 21st-century renaissance man.  to celebrate mr. hough’s arrival to stumptown, we here at the classical beaver home office are celebrating day #1 of the first annual international stephen hough appreciation week (okay, fine, it’s technically an octave, lasting 8 full days, culminating with his birthday and final concert with the oregon symphony next monday).  we put on our puce “wwshd?” plastic bracelets, and with a solemn flick of my bic, we light the red candle which honors the man as musician.  first and foremost, stephen hough is one of the most brilliant piano players on the planet.  over the past 30 some years, he’s joined with the world’s greatest orchestras, performed at the most prestigious classical music festivals, recorded over fifty albums (yes, five zero), and won countless awards for his playing.  now, i know we all have our own meaningful ways of celebrating the first annual international stephen hough appreciation week… listening to his latest gramophone record of the year, reading his awesome liner notes, performing pilgrimages to his heswall, england birthplace.  as for me, i’ll be going to the oregon symphony concert tonight, soaking me up some mozart, eagerly awaiting next monday’s concert.

for all things stephen hough, you can do no better than to click here.


1 Response to “omg, it’s here: the first annual international stephen hough appreciation week!”

  1. 1 Katharine Quince November 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Oh how I would love to write captions for the photos on Mr. Hough’s website:

    Stephen Hough thinking deeply.

    SH thinking even more deeply.

    SH looking a bit angry.

    SH smelling something bad.

    SH startled by his shadow on wall.

    SH lost on a farm, wearing red coat.

    SH spots plane overhead, dislikes.

    SH relaxing in cashmere, against wire and brick.

    SH wearing trench coat, playing detective.

    SH hears voice of god, looks up.

    SH is cute when he smiles.


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