the magic is in the hole

this morning i got up the nerve to bring a couple dozen voodoo donuts to the unsuspecting folks at 89.9 stumpland’s all-classical radio station, just as a thank you for being such a kick-ass use of our air waves.  well, the power of tang-glazed éclairs and sticky-sweet old dirty bastards seemed akin to a jedi mind trick as i breezed through security (“you will take me to christa now”) and i suddenly found myself sitting in the control booth with the fabulous late morning host ms. christa wessel.  this was pretty much the first time i’ve gotten to check out the on-air workings of a radio studio.  surprisingly, there were no discs to be jockeyed about: everything’s digital and the announcer’s desk looks like a day trading office more than anything else.  alas, robert mcbride and john burk were not sitting around in smoking jackets drinking glenlivet, as i secretly wished.  however, i did get the absolute thrill of staying in the booth while christa did her on-air piece, announcing who just played, selling an ad for relax the back (hey, i guess it worked!), and introducing the next song.  for those of you who don’t listen to classical radio, it’s not like you can just say: “hey folks, hope you liked that Beethoven… stay tuned cuz we’ve got some mozart coming up!”  um, no.  you’ve got to give a shout-out to the composer, the orchestra, the conductor, the soloist(s), when and where it was recorded, what record label it was, and oh yeah, you’ve got to pronounce these names in italian, dutch, french, and hebrew.  i swear to god i’m not making this up… seriously, i couldn’t even watch christa perform her duties because i was a nervous wreck, and had to look away, staring at a cd rack in the corner.


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