money for nothin’

well, the guys up in accounting have been riding my ass for weeks now, begging me to at least mention one of the latest blog features installed over summer break.  cock your head to the right just a skosh, perhaps do a smidgen of scrolling, and focus in on the faux orange button handsomely engraved with one simple yet elegant word: “donate.”  you might assume this is a paypal link enabling rabid fans to fork over moolah in support of the classical beaver blog… you assume correctly.  some charitable folks have already discovered this button and have even used it – thank you thank you thank you.  nothing wags the ol’ beaver tail more (except maybe scoring interviews with the likes of hilary hahn, william bolcom, and [spoiler alert] stephen hough).  rest assured, 100% of the profits go towards spreading the gospel of the oregon symphony.  as i liked to say with puppy dog eyes when canvassing for ospirg a few years ago: “are you with us on this issue?  we’re just asking you to be as generous as you can be.”  oh, and a big phat shout-out to kat for coming up with the brilliant slogan: feed the beave.  there – i’ve said my peace… now the c.f.o. can calm the eff down.


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