you make me feel so young(ish)

didn’t luck out with the psycho tix giveaway?  well, calm the eff down because here is another fantastic deal for folks itchin’ to get to the symphony.  trust me, it really is a kick-ass deal… math was never my strong suit, but if i’m doing my addition right, you and a friend of your choosing could have great seats at six shows this season… all for only 200 bones!  check out the message below, see if it fits you, and then get on it!  i hand the talking feather over to laura at the symphony, who insists on correct grammar and punctuation:

You’re a young(ish) Symphony-goer under 40 with more enthusiasm than
cash. You love living in a town with Portland’s vibrant cultural life,
you love the experience of live music, and you really love what Maestro
Kalmar and his band do onstage at the Schnitzer. You love attending the
occasional concert but you aren’t ready for a subscription — who knows
what you’re doing that far in advance?

The Oregon Symphony’s new Young Patron Pass is for you.

The Pass may be purchased for tax-deductible gift of $100. Once you have
it you can buy up to two tickets to any of our regular classical series
concerts at just $10.00 apiece. You’ll be seated in the front right
orchestra level, where you’ll have premium seating in front of the viola
section and will be the FIRST to know what stunning and exotic footwear
Jennifer Arnold is sporting.

But that’s not all. For every $50 you spend on tickets, your friends at
the Oregon Symphony will slide you an extra ticket for FREE. That’s a
lot of music for not much money!

To get started, call the Oregon Symphony’s ticket office at
503-228-1353, 10am – 6pm Monday through Friday, purchase your $100 Young Patron Pass, and start ordering your $10 tickets.


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