what i learned over summer vacation

i learned hiking is even more enjoyable when one is able to hum the first movement of mahler #1.

i learned going back home to ohio can be enjoyable… seriously, my joy was infinitely enabled.

i learned if i really applied myself, practiced regularly, and had a pint of double mountain vaporizer at my feet, i could get to stage 36 on the stand-up galaga arcade game at slingshot on foster.

i learned that honest-to-god chamber music is alive and well in laurelhurst.

i learned the 1980 movie “9 to 5” is really worth watching again.

i learned that perhaps pok pok and pix are the perfect pair.

i learned it was foolish to walk into biketobeerfest expecting to have “just one pint.”

i learned that me and my husband are really attached to our chickens.

i learned philip glass is a lot like Beethoven with all lines of melody removed.

i learned that, despite standing in a smoky campfire during a windy thunder/hail storm along the shores of indigo lake at the base of sawtooth mountain, mosquitoes can still be grade-a motherfuckers.

i learned one can remove a ganglion cyst by smashing it with a very large book.

i learned reading  jack kerouac in your thirties is still a great time. 

i learned that even though i vowed to set my radio to 89.1 for the entire summer (especially for divaville wednesday nights), i couldn’t always keep my hand from crankin’ up the dial a few notches to 89.9.

i learned i just won’t be satisfied until i own a concertina.

i learned north cascades is a national park you can have all to yourself for 75 hours.

i learned it is smokin’ fun to crank up a piece of classical music and air conduct in my living room.


1 Response to “what i learned over summer vacation”

  1. 1 Bridget September 28, 2010 at 10:54 am

    My husband and I hiked by Indigo lake on a 30 miler from Hell Roaring 🙂 Arent the SNRA the best…we got back yesterday!

    Take care,

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