what’s on tap?

this sat-sun-mon the oregon symphony squeezes into its program a 4-pack of musical gems: an early piece of sam barber, a cello concerto by dvorak, a 21st-century commission by kernis, and lenny bernstein’s “on the waterfront” soundtrack.

why go?  1) it’s the most ‘merican set list of the season, by gum!  3 of the 4 above composers are ‘merican, and dangnabbit, that foreigner dvorak wrote his cello concerto while living in nyc!  unless you are a freedom-hater, you’ll dig this show.  2) it’s the freshest set list of the season, yo!  3 of the 4 above composers were alive and well when i was born in the mid-70’s, and check it, aaron jay kernis’ “newly drawn sky” was composed in 2005!  unless you are a platinum member of the aarp, you’ll dig this show.  3) if you happen to be a fan of the portland cello project, dutch-born quirine viersen will undoubtedly be schoolin’ y’all in how to play that stringbox… plus, i suspect she’s gonna do it wearing some kickass formalwear.

check out www.orsymphony.org for more deets.


1 Response to “what’s on tap?”

  1. 1 John Pitman, Music Director, All Classical May 12, 2010 at 7:53 am

    Hi, Brian,

    Love your comments on the Oregon Symphony, and your contributions to All Classical’s Facebook page. I’m happy to read that you enjoyed the OSO’s almost-All-American program this past weekend. I thought the music was exciting and the performances thrilling and top-notch.

    However, I’m going to take you to task for your “AARP” comment! While I’m not a card-carrying member (yet), be careful about making “ageist” comments: I have seen senior citizens applaud with exuberant enthusiasm for some of the thornier works that Carlos and his colleagues have conducted this season, and after the same piece have witnessed 30-somethings sit on their hands or even shout at length about hating “that atonal ****”. It’s just something to be mindful of. None of us is getting any younger, after all!

    Onward and Upward,
    John Pitman, All Classical KQAC

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