hot green tchai – part I

no, it wasn’t the porn star.  no, it wasn’t the melon liqueur.  no, it wasn’t the jazz-punk-fusion band.  make no mistake about it – the midori we got to experience this past weekend at the schnitz was the one and only international violin powerhouse taking on the incredibly difficult concerto by finnish fave jean sibelius.  anticipation in the packed house was high, especially after a slightly verbose welcoming intro by maestro carlos.  the opening work on the program lasted about 4 minutes – a gentle string-only nibble that succeeded in whetting our collective appetite even more.  finally, the band was beefed up and midori took to the stage wearing a brilliant platinum gown, tearing through a trinity of technically intense movements which really have to be heard to be believed.  i take that back… i did hear it and i still don’t believe it.  until getting into classical music, i thought the pinnacle of violin virtuosity occurred in 1979 with charlie daniels’ magnum opus “devil went down to georgia” – i now realize that midori was probably able to play that in the womb.  her insanely precise, angular performance of sibelius’ wickedly warped composition kept eliciting questions: why am i hearing the flute when it’s only midori playing? how is midori able to sound like 3 musicians playing at the same time? when exactly did midori sell her soul to play like this?  oh, alright – i’m sure her soul is fully intact… the 30-something, 30-year veteran of classical performance just worked her customary magic with four strings, a bow, and a box of wood.  bravo!


1 Response to “hot green tchai – part I”

  1. 1 GM April 30, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Perfect capturing….I’m laughing my ass off at the same time.
    But when are you going to mention my ensemble?

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