spring break ’10

if you’re wondering about the current lull in postings, rest assured it has nothing to do with any waning interest in the orchestra.  the truth of the matter is simple: the oregon symphony is on spring break.  when i first heard this, i fully admit to having visions of the principal bassoonist lifting carlos by the ankles in myrtle beach for a keg stand of trumer pils.  however, i suppose the musicians are pursuing more respectfully mundane explorations… foreign travels, single malt tastings, monocle polishing, etc.  whatever the time off may or may not bring, there is no denying the classical season is already 75% over and the band deserves a break.  i hope everyone returns refreshed and rejuvenated, because april and may are going to be doozies at the schnitz… tchaikovsky #5, dvorak’s cello concerto, mahler #1… and oh, did i mention all 5 Beethoven piano concertos?!  seriously can’t wait.


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